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Who is Coraleen Waddell?ย 

Who is Coraleen Waddell? ๐Ÿค”. Well she’s one of the bravest woman in PBB. She’s really direct to the point if you watch the PBB Lucky 7 (Regular Season; Dream Team) you really watch how she said all of her thoughts to her co-housemates directly. Before joining PBB she is a fashion model and a vlogger (Subscribe her self-title YouTube account: Coraleen Waddell) and also I did find some interesting information about her:

  • She was born on Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands (not sure about this) and grew up in Orlando, Florida, USA 
  • She have a younger brother named ‘Curtis’. Actually Big Brother challenged Cora on their last task (Popsicle Tower The Dream Team must build 4 Popsicle towers on a platform in the middle of the swimming pool without going in it. They must be able to place the Popsicle roof on top of the 4 towers without falling to win the task) and they actually succeeded.
  • She appeared on some movies like Talk Back and You’re Dead and Diary ng Panget.

(Cora is the tallest one and beside her is Nadine Lustre -the lead actress that rose to fame from the movie ‘Diary ng Panget’)

  • Also a TVC Babe (Downy, Metrobank 2015, Cornetto Tiramissyou)
  • Her favorite food is… Chipotle Burrito Bowl
  • Her childhood dream is… to be an artist or a mechanic
  • Her star sign is Sagittarius 
  • Her size (shoe: 8 & shirt: small)
  • Her height is actually 5’8, weight is 121lbs.
  • Her body shape is 32-25-34
  • I know you already know this she look like Lois Lane (and Tanner is his Clark Kent)
  • Grew up and studied for 12years in Florida and already 7years here in Philippines
  • She was dubbed inside the PBB House as ‘Dazzling Daughter of Bulacan’
  • Also known as Senyora (her attitude told you so), Lois Lane (well), Madam Petchay (from TWBA – Tito Boy asked her (not exactly what he ask) ‘If she is a vegetable, what she is?’ She answered that she is a ‘Petchay’ and that is the history of Madam Petchay.
  • She was partnered up with Luis Hontiveros inside the PBB House and also on Tanner Mata – the Superman/ Clark Kent of PBB, they have a loveteam called ‘CorNer’.

Credits to Bryan Veloso, FHM and other sites (I can’t remember it)